Business Research and Consulting Services

Who we serve

  • Corporates and Private equity firms
  • Consulting and business research firms

Our Business Research and Consulting Services

  • Market Entry and Expansion Strategies:

    Determining market size (bountiful/sparse) in addition to identifying potential, customer risk, technology turbulence and category lifecycle needed to identify bounty

    Using various market entry strategies and tools like The Blitzkrieg Entry (Aggressive-Broad Front), The Cavalry Charge (Aggressive-Focused) and The Strike Force (Non-Aggressive-Focused) and Guerilla Tactics (Non-Aggressive-Broad Front)

    Porters Five Forces model

  • Competition Analysis

    Reports on competitor positioning and strategies related to product pipeline, R&D, etc

    SWOT analysis

  • Business case analysis

    Project feasibility studies

    Perform business portfolio analysis using GE Matrix / McKinsey matrix

    Preparation of business plans

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