Credit / Fixed Income Research

KGS provides fixed income and credit research services for asset managers and credit research firms globally. Our capabilities encompass both fundamental & technical reports on bonds and other debt instruments globally including GCC.

Key capabilities/offerings:

  • Reports:

    Initiations, Update notes, News monitoring.
  • Financial modeling:

    Cash flow models, Commercial real estate or REITs, LBO models
  • RV Analysis:

    Total Return analysis, Duration, Spread analysis, credit curve analysis, credit (financial statement) analysis
  • Valuation:

    Fundamental analysis (operating cash flows, interest coverage ratios (Int/EBIT) and RV methodologies such as total return analysis (coupon rate + cap appreciation), duration, spread analysis, default risk).
  • Value added services:

    We also aid our clients in selecting bonds by following a top-down approach. The approach involves steps such as region and sector selection, followed by issuer selection and finally selecting the bond/any other debt instrument.
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