Healthcare & Insurance

Third Party Administrators
  • Claims Processing
  • Claim Adjudication
  • Bill data Entry
Bill Review/Repricing
  • Standard Bill Processing
  • Super Bill Processing
  • Bill Audit
  • Provider /Patient Addition
Insurance Offerings
  • Policy Enrollment
  • New Policy Processing/Data Entry
  • Policy renewals & Change of Coverage
  • Premium Lapse Notification
  • Policy renewal & renewal notification
Other Services/Life Settlement Solutions
  • VOC (Verification of Coverage)

    Outbound Contact centre support (FAX, EMAIL and Calls): The provider portfolios are updated every month with the below information for each policy

    • Premiums
    • Policy Status
    • Current Values
    • Cost of Insurance
    • Loans etc.
  • Life Settlement Policy Pricing / Evaluation

    Policy Valuation Support (Data Capture): Capture policy illustration details into the pricing tool and generate the pricing report.

  • Case Co-ordination for Life Settlement Polices

    Third Party Information: Support Brokers and Producers by requesting the below information from various sources.

    • Medical
    • Hospital records
    • Life Expectancy Report
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